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CryTerminal - what it is

CryTerminal is a program which lets you send messages without the worry of security issues. The message will be encrypted and secured so that no one can see what you've sent, not even packet sniffers. The program will be free and programmed with C#.


What IDE will be used?

I'm using Visual Studio 2012 Community, so it would be reasonable to use that version, plus it's free. But feel free to use any other IDE as long as it doesn't affect the work.

Will I make any profit on this?

No. As I mentioned earlier, this is a free program. No one will make money on this (me neither, to make that clear), but of course - you WILL be in the credits. Plus, it's a really good way to keep your skills sharp and increase them as well.

Who are welcome to join this project?

As long as you have ideas, programming skills etc. you can join us. All that's needed is motivation and something to contribute with. So go ahead and click that hyperlink and join the team!

EDIT: We've got the team gathered together and we are no longer in need for more contributors.

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